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Hello, Readers! Finding the Best Cheap Web Hosting Services in  2020.

We are tested and compared over 30+ web hosting services company with sign up. Where we check performance, pricing, uptime, load time.

Taste process:

  1. Sing up a web hosting plan.
  2. Create a demo WordPress website
  3. Check it cheap hosting or not
  4. Check the performance, uptime, load time.
  5. Audit the offer, features, limitations, pricing.
  6. Monitor user reviews and find the best.

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Best Cheap web hosting services in the world -2020

Now we can talk about best cheap web hosting services company that they provide the best cheap web hosting services with reliable and best speed. Let’s see bellow………

Hostinger- start at $0.99/mo

Overall score
Hostinger Web hosting services

pros  ++

  •  Up-time 99.90%
  •  Load time 350 ms
  • Very cheap rate
  • Renew at $2.14/mo
  •  Support 24/7/365(chat)


  •  No free domain.

Hostinger is the most affordable web hosting service due to it’s the cheapest price and it is too fast.


Usually, Cheap price web hosting is not reliable, face speed problem, down server several times, and supporting problem. Fortunately, Hostinger has good uptime  99.90% and load time 350 ms to last 12-month data analysis.


This hosting company very reliable and giving excellent support almost 24/7 (chat and phone).


However, Hostinger’s most cheap plan “Single Shared Hosting” started with $0.99/month( renewal with $2.15/month) where they provide 100GB bandwidth, one website, one email, free SSL, 1X allocated resources, unlimited store and also 30 days money back guaranty.


Though, they offer $47.52  for lifetime hosting, that not bad for any beginner.

Overall, For reliable support, and services Hostinger is the best cheaper web hosting services.

Hostgator- start at $2.75/mo

Overall score
Hostgator hosting images

pros  ++

  •  Up-time 99.99%
  •  Load time 1050 ms
  • Free domain until one year
  •  Unlimited email.
  • 45- days money back guaranty


  • Renew cost high at $6.95/mo

Let’s introduce, most biggest and popular hosting company Hostgator web host. Though they host near 10 million websites on their server.


Hostgator shared hosting plan started at $2.75/mo that is a Hatchling plan required 36 months and receives 60% off. In this plan Hostgator offers some features such as one-click WordPress install,  Free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, unlimited email,$100 google Adwords, and so on. This is a good beginner-friendly hosting plan for an all-new website.


According to the last 12-month data analysis, we can say, it has good uptime 99.99% but slow loading speed 1050 ms create slow cheap hosting at all. But this company is so reliable in their services. Although, Hostgator renew cost much expensive than other cheap hosting plans where renew cost for the cheap plan is $6.95/mo after end up 36 months.


Hostgator gives advanced support 24/7 at any time any place and its setup time only 4 min average and gator website builder that makes it easy to create an awesome website. It also offers 45days money back guaranty.


For reliable performance and support, it is the average good cheap hosting plan.

Dreamhost- start at $2.59/mo

Overall score
Dreamhost preview

pros  ++

  •  Up-time 100%
  •  Load time 815 ms
  • website migration free
  • Pre install WordPress
  •  97 days moneyback guaranty.


  • 1. C panel missing.

Dream host web hosting company is the most reliable hosting company where they host above 1.5 million websites on their server.


Although Dreamhost hosting company started its cheap starter plan starts at $2.59/mo(required for 36 months plans and 63% save per month) and month to month $4.95/mo. Though they provide some remarkable features such as a free domain, unlimited traffic,  free SSL, Free website migration, pre-installed WordPress. Their renewal costs much better than other hosting companies at the same to sign up cost $2.59/mo.


According to the last 12-month data analysis, Dream host hosting gives the best uptime 100% and average load time 815 ms.

The Dreamhost hosting company hasn’t Cpanel but they provide own admin panel and thy do not provide a free email account. Per email account they charge $1.67/mo whereas some company free email provides their cheap hosting plan like Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator.


This hosting company provides reliable services,  advanced customer support 24/7, and  97 days money back guaranty.


Overall, For their trustable services and performance that is a good cheap hosting at all.

A2Hosting- start at $2.99/mo

Overall score
A2Hosting Web hosting images

pros  ++

  •  Up-time 99.99%
  •  Load time 317 ms
  • optimized speed website
  • 20x turbo server
  • any time money back guaranty.


  • expensive renewal cost.

Now we are discussing the fastest web hosting in the world that is A2Hosting. This company host almost 500,000 websites on their server.


If you need super-fast uptime and load time for your website at a cheap rate,  we recommend A2Hosting. Where their uptime 99.99% and load time 317 ms makes your website super fast at a cheap rate of $2.99/mo.


Though, A2hosting most cheap plan ‘startup’ starting at 2.99/mo(12 months and save 66%)and renew at  $8.99/mo whereas they offer some existing features like 1 website, 100 GB storage, website migration free, optimized WordPress, one-year free domain, free SSL, 25 email accounts.


But some features may not available in this cheap plan. if you need amazing server connection 20x faster than upgrade your website to a turbo server that will be charged $7/mo (24 months or 36 months). A2 hosting renewal cost is expensive at $8.99/mo after the one year ends up.


Impressive speed, awesome performance, reliable support called ‘Guru Crew Support‘, and any time money back guaranty makes A2hosting much better for a new website at a cheap rate.

GreenGeeks- start at $2.95/mo

Overall score
GreenGeeks Web hosting

pros  ++

  •  Up-time 99.97%
  •  Load time 450 ms
  • 300% pure green hosting
  • Advanced security
  • have power cacher


  •  expensive renewal cost

Now we talk about most eco-friendly hosting in the world, GreenGeeks web hosting. Where they host above 500,000 websites on their server.


GreenGeeks has fast up time  99.97% and good load time 450 ms that make a website so speedy at a cheap plan. But it is not as fast as Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator at the same rate.


Their cheap plan ‘Lite‘ started at $2.95/mo (required 36 months) where they provide some advanced features such as one-click WordPress install, unlimited SSD, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, free Wildcard SSL, unlimited Email.


While GreenGeeks have only one website in their cheap plan and renewal cost is more expensive at $9.95/mo(after end up 36 months) than other companies like  Hostinger, A2 hosting, Dreamhost. But most of the features used in this cheap plan.


This hosting company provides remarkable performance, impressive speed, 24/7 advanced support when you face problems on your site server, 30 days money back guaranty, 300% eco-friendly hosting, free website builder make a good website. For this reason, green geeks is a good web hosting at a cheap rate.

ipage- start at $1.99/mo

Overall score
ipage images

pros  ++

  •  Up-time 99.97%
  •  Load time 760 ms
  • 1000+ templates
  • free site migration
  •  free domain registration.


  • no SSD included

iPage is the second cheapest web hosting that we reviewed. it’s offers shared hosting only $1.99/mo.


However, ipage has remarkable uptime 99.97% according to the last 12 months. This company gives awesome support 24/7 live chat in any situation.


Though ipage cheap plan started at $1.99/mo(offer 75% off) where they provide many features such as free domain registration, free email account, free site migration, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, free site builder, free templates, etc.


hosting company started their cheap plan $1.99/mo but its required 36 months commitment. While its renewal is more costly than others at $7.99/mo end up 36 months.they do not provide SSD and its loading speed 760 ms not much better for a website. While their domain registration only 1 year but renewal its 14.99/mo is a higher cost than another hosting. 


But advanced security, reliable performance, unlimited website at a cheap plan where other company offers only one website, 30 days money back guaranty, free ad credits it is one of the best cheap web hosting in the world.

Bluehost- start at $3.95/mo

Overall score
bluehost Web hosting services

pros  ++

  •  Up-time 99.99%
  •  Load time 380 ms
  • officially recommended by
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • free SSL


  • renewal cost high

World best web hosting company Bluehost has a cheap plan and gives impressive service to its customer. For their service performance, they host almost 2 million websites on their server.


One of the best uptime shows Bluehost last 12 months continuously 99.99% and the loading speed is so fast 380 ms that is better than the siteground, Dreamhost.


Blue host is the world’s top one hosting and also it is our top one hosting that we reviewed. Because of their remarkable support 24/7 with live chat and incredible performance get customer satisfaction.


 However, Blue host cheap plan gives many features like one-click WordPress install, free SSL, free domain,  unlimited bandwidth, 50 GB storage,  25 subdomain, website builders.


The cheap plan of Bluehost started at $3.95/mo (required to 36 months commitment). Bluehost’s main disadvantage is renewal cost, after the end of 36 months renewal cost is $7.99/mo, and their cheap plan offers only one website.


It is officially recommended by For best performance, reliable services, beginner-friendly and 30 days money back guaranty makes it hosting in the world and also the popular for the cheap plan for a beginner. 

Namecheap- start at $1.44/mo

Overall score
NameCheap web hosting

pros  ++

  •  Up-time 99.89%
  •  Load time 685 ms
  • Free domain and site migration
  •  Unmetered bandwidth
  • 30 days money back guaranty


  • 1. customer support problem

At the cheap rate, Namecheap provides the best hosting service to the customer. As an old hosting company, it hosts over seven million websites.


Name cheap has an average uptime 99.89%  and good load time  685 ms that is enough for a domain.


At the cheap plan name cheap provides best shared hosting at only $1.44/mo(50% off for the first year) where they offer 20 GB SSD, three websites, free domain, and site migration unmetered bandwidth, free SSL.


Moreover, the name cheap web hosting company has some disadvantages like customer support that is average and support 24/7  with live chat.


Although this company gives excellent protection and advanced security, namecheap renewal cost is not high than others like DreamHost, Bluehost green geeks.their renewal cost is only $2.44/month  and $33.88/year that is so cheap than other.


Namecheap is the oldest company, and very reliable for their service and performance.they offer us a 30-day money-back guaranty.

Rank Hosting company price up time load time (MS) money back guranty perfomence
30 days
45 days
97 days
Any time
Green Geeks
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days

Why  you choose cheap hosting ?

What is Cheap Web Hosting-

In the world, at this time, every type of business need a website. Because every business shows information and update to connect to the world, ideally,  some are selling service, physical products, digital products on the online platform.


Some company need a big website such as e-commerce platform but maximum business need lite website. Lite website uses for listing information, updating data, or writing a blog shortly. Cost is the main thing in maintaining a site where you save your data in a web server. Many types of a hosting company offer you to keep your data on their web server and create a website.


First, what is web hosting? Web hosting defines as a company save and serve your data and information that you create on your website. Large business company spend a lot of money above 100 dollars every year on web hosting. But web hosting company also offers to host service for small business too.


Various type of company offers web hosting service, but that is costly due to luxurious service. We are listing cheap web hosting services based on monthly and yearly price, but the affordable plan doesn’t offer a discount.  Cost about under $7/mo or $84/year is the low-cost hosting. In this range, we choose the best cheap hosting company like Bluehost, DreamHost, Hostinger etc. In this reasonable price, many companies provide fantastic service to there client for small business. Web hosting company offers monthly or yearly service. But some of the company like cloudways provides hourly service for your one-time project.

What features that you will need in cheap hosting-

Mainly, a small business website uses a cheap hosting plan in this type of website based on information or data updates and other purposes. For that, this type of website needs excellent customer support services to fix the problem. If this website down at midnight, that can not show updated information into the client. That’s why you’ll need superb customer support 24/7 in any situation.


Checking Uptime-

In your valuable site, uptime is very important for site loading. If your website is down, the client can not find you and don’t access your website. That’s why they can’t visit your site, and you will lose your traffic and report on organic search results. Every client trend away into another website.


We are listing top uptime provider companies in our review process and compare in a table sheet to check the best uptime. Most of the company provide excellent uptime to side up and running. So, when you purchase a cheap plan, obviously check the best uptime.

What type of cheap hosting you purchase-

Cheap hosting can not provide dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. Because This hosting use for small businesses or company and that’s very costly. But affordable plan included in shared or WordPress hosting.


Shared hosting is the hosting where multiple websites use on a server with your site. That’s means shared hosting can not share your file or data with anyone. Mainly, sharing your server with others and make it cheap hosting. But a problem is faced in this hosting. Some times other sites contain too many resources. That’s why your site performance is slow down and cush it many times.


On the other side, WordPress hosting gives you the blog-type WordPress site. Where you can easily use this website for your business, if you have a low budget, then you can not purchase shared hosting or others.


When we review, we see that cheap web plan concerns at a low price. Most of the company offers various types of features at the higher plan period, basic features included in the starter plan. The hosting company provides monthly annually or other pricing plans. You cant purchase a monthly price or try to consume what you need for your website.

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